Programming the future

Here at vortech we strive to reach space and LOVE coding. So far we are a team of four. All of us code   exepet for are game tester William. Drew (Co-Owner) codes in Java and C#. Blake (Owner) codes in C# Lua and C. Rockwell (Head Of Code) codes in Java. Us for now only make video games (Exept Blake who is typing this right now and I also make websites). We will and have been working on exploring space. Our first Mission ETE (Extra Terrestrial Explorer) is a probe that will film planets and report any intresting discoverys or life itself. Are second Mission is a thruster that takes no fuel and is called The Magno Thruster (Please send us an Email if we get anything wrong). It works by heating a pole of metal to contract and then in the coldness of space it will expand making particels bounce and bounce / spin out the bottem providing thrust. This is all that we will explain here thanks for reading this suuuper long thing of text.
We love code and space. blah blah blah. Missions. blah blah blah. JUST READ THE LONG TEXT PEOPLE IS IT THAT HARD!!!?!??!??!?!!
Did you read the about? NO! I dont blame you but basicily its a probe that looks for stuff on planets. Heres a cool picture not related to the topic :)
Magno Thruster
Did you read the about? NO! I dont blame yo What i just got word that you did okay im not going to type this.

Lol just be nice :)
If you dont want to use this feture to bad you cant contact us... Oh to prevent spam and hate it dosn't work. Thats fun. JK our email is vortechink@gmail.com
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